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Quick, healthy and simple recipes suitable for lunch boxes

If you are forced to eat away from home, either because of your work or because of the number of hours you have to study in the library to prepare for the final exams, this post is of interest to you! Taking care of yourself is not at odds with the lack of time.

We know how difficult it can be to get used to eating a healthy and varied diet and also that it is more difficult even when you are forced to eat out of the house because of studies or work. Therefore, we want to share with you quick, healthy and simple recipes so that taking care of yourself is not at odds with eating out or with the lack of time.

Pasta Salad With Tuna

First cook the pasta, preferably spirals. Then mix it with chopped Cherry tomatoes, black olives, grated cheese and tuna cubes. Finally, dress it to your liking and ready!

Salmon sandwich

Choose the bread of 5 cereals that you like, add cream cheese and place a couple of slices of smoked salmon and lettuce inside. If the bread is small, make yourself two and that’s it!

Grilled chicken with vegetables

Chop chicken breasts and grilled them. On the other hand, sauté onion, red and green peppers and zucchini slices. Finally, mix everything together with a good seasoning!

French tortilla york cheese

Use a couple of eggs, beat them and once in the pan when it is starting to curdle add a slice of ham and cheese on top, fold the omelet, wait for it to finish and go!

Burritos vegetables

Cut julienne carrots and roasted peppers, chop black olives, tuna and put it all together. Place a slice of cheese inside the burrito and add a bit of the resulting mixture and that’s it!

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