Best Back exercises


In the game of famous and coveted muscles, the backs are the big losers behind the biceps, abs or even the glutes and other pectorals.

Indeed, boys generally prefer to have big arms and girls prefer to build their buttocks, and everyone wants to have nice abs.

It is rather ironic, because if these “bad boys” are less mediatized, they are still the biggest muscles of the upper body which, moreover, make you look good (good old Jason Statham won’t lie to me)!

But most of the time, they are hidden, unless you walk around naked (which is fortunately not the public trend at the moment), and this is probably what gives them their “underground” status. In the world of marketing, what is not directly visible is less successful.

Not to mention the fact that a woman has probably never said to you “squeeze your back to see” while making eyes at you.

Backs are not very popular, so ask your family members to locate rhomboids, trapezius and other large backs… white cabbage!

On the other hand, everyone knows what a biceps is and maybe even its couz’, the triceps.

Another reason for the lack of success with the back muscles is that they require a little more knowledge to be properly trained and stimulated.

Anyone can do a biceps curl, but to intelligently challenge the backs, it’s a bit more complicated. Plus, these are workouts that will often involve heavier weights, which can be a little scary.

For these reasons (and many others, no doubt), the back muscles remain under-trained, and that’s a shame when you know the benefits of a strong back….


You! Yes, you there! Do you have a posture that tends to sag more and more? Do you have shoulders that fall forward when you walk? Are you experiencing more and more unpleasant back pain per episode (not the kind of episode you look forward to glued to Netflix)?

It’s inevitable, your colleague Jean Louis told you at the office, before throwing the usual “we’re getting old, old man, let’s face it”!

So, demotivated by life, you say to yourself that you will probably have to slow down the sport a bit so that it doesn’t get worse…

You are not there, but not at all!

What if we turned the problem around? Ok, 8 out of 10 French people say they have already had back pain, you have probably already heard this statistic, we are talking about the plague of the 21st century.

The fact is that we talk about “scourge of the 21st century” for almost everything, just enter this search in Google: from obesity to the financial crisis through the “friendzone” (probably THE real scourge since ever), you will see everything!

Scourge or not, it is still very annoying to have a back in Pom’Potes, and there are 3 main causes that can explain this:

physiological : the typical example is back pain during pregnancy
external mechanics: roughly speaking, your daily posture, in the car or at work
and finally the one we are interested in, constitutional, that is to say due to a muscular insufficiency (or a pathology)
What if physical exercise could be the solution to put an end to all your problems?


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