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5 exercises to get fit at home

We know that you have started the year with many new purposes, including getting fit and being healthier. But we also know that it is easier to say than to do it, and that with the day-to-day tasks in the end, playing sports unfortunately falls short of our list of priority daily tasks and we do not do everything we should.

For lack of time, desire and motivation, which at the beginning of the year became a new purpose, it is becoming an ordeal if you have not already given up. That’s why today, we want to give you an intermediate solution that helps you to be fitter and healthier without losing a lot of time and without leaving home. Exercises that can be combined with housework and done in just a few minutes.

Dance … with the mop.

Put on the radio and while doing the housework, dance! Dancing is a very good exercise for the heart and also for the self-esteem, besides that it will make the daily tasks more pleasant and less heavy. You know, turn on the radio, and start dancing with the mop while scrubbing the floor. With 1 hour of dancing on average you can get to lose 300 calories so it is an ideal exercise to burn fat, be fit and above all, happier.

Lifting water bottles.

Although it is not yet an Olympic sport, do not discard it for 2028 hehe. Start training with a couple of 1.5 liter water bottles. You can perform 5 sets of 10 repetitions each mid-morning or when you get home from work before dinner. This will help you work your arms and tone your skin. As you control these exercises, you can incorporate more weight, although it is not highly recommended as well, with 1.5 liters is enough.


Who was going to tell us that with such an unrewarding task we could burn about 100 calories. Get used to it thoroughly and think it’s your particular gym. This will help you to do it in a less heavy way.

In addition, there are many other tasks in the home where dozens of calories are spent, such as cleaning the bathroom, glass or washing the dishes instead of putting the dishwasher.

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