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We offer you a week of healthy and fun breakfasts for the little ones in the house

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We must have a healthy breakfast, balanced and that gives us energy, but often we go in a hurry and it is difficult for the little ones to take the whole breakfast. Therefore, we have thought of 7 easy, delicious and fun breakfasts, which in addition to providing the children of the house with the energy they need for the whole morning, they will love it!

MONDAY: Cereals with yogurt

Simple, easy and fast. Simply put in a bowl one or two yogurts of your choice and combine them with your favorite cereal and your child. You will have a breakfast rich in nutrients and fiber. In addition, this breakfast accepts a variety of different options. In Tambo we have a wide range of yoghurts and cereals. Try them and tell us which one is your favorite.

TUESDAY Biscuit + spread cheese + fruit

It is very easy to prepare for busy tomorrow where time does not spare. A biscotte with a little spreadable cheese and topped with fresh fruit (kiwi, peach, banana …) is the perfect snack to complement with a good glass of natural orange juice. And ready!

WEDNESDAY: Fruit smoothies + cookies

Fruit smoothies are always a hit, they love it! For example you can try a banana shake, mix in a blender bananas and semi-skim milk with a little sugar or sweetener. In a single glass you will get milk and fresh fruit at a time. And for breakfast to be complete, accompany it with 3 or 4 cookies that you like the most.

THURSDAY: Toast tomato oil and salt

One of the most healthy and typical breakfasts of the Mediterranean diet is this: toast with tomato, oil and salt. It is easy and quick to prepare, in addition tomato and oil have many properties and vitamins that will provide your child with all the energy they need. The only thing you have to take into account when preparing this delicious breakfast is the quality of the ingredients, at www.supertambo.es you can choose from a wide variety of quality oils and fresh tomatoes, what are you waiting for?

FRIDAY: Fruit + yogurt

Very quick to make and nutritious, for example, mix in a breakfast bowl natural yogurt and kiwi. Children will love it! This breakfast is perfect for Fridays, it will fill you with energy to finish 100% a week. In addition, you can enjoy 365 days a year because it accepts any type of fruit, try and combine yogurt and fruit to your liking. Take advantage of our offers on fresh fruit and yoghurts!

SATURDAY: Sweet pancakes

Just mix 120gr of flour with 2 eggs and you have the dough ready to make them in the pan. It is so simple that the youngest of the house can participate in the preparation of breakfast, this way apart from a healthy breakfast you will share a fun time with your family. Accompany the pancakes with chocolate, cream, jam … with whatever you want!

SUNDAY: Brownies

Sunday is perfect to enjoy the best time of the day without hurry, so everyone in the kitchen to prepare brownies! It’s time to pamper yourself, accompany the cake with a good glass of milk and that’s it!

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