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Tricks to Grow Hair Faster

Having a long, soft and well-groomed hair is one of our greatest needs as women. Which woman does not dream that her hair grows faster? Getting this is not easy, but if you take care of it and nourish it properly, you can achieve it. In this article we give you some tips to help you have a long and beautiful hair.

The hair is constantly renewed throughout our lives, but unfortunately weakens day after day with environmental aggression such as the sun, the dryer, the hair straightener, the chlorine, pollution, among others.

Then we give you varied homemade recipes so that the dream of a long and healthy hair in a short time can be a reality.

Tips for hair growth:

Take the right shampoo for your hair type.
Do not just give priority to the tips, worry about all the hair from the root down.
Perform masks and massages once a week at least. They should preferably be natural with avocado, egg or yogurt. In this way, your hair will be strengthened from within.
Constantly massage the scalp. When you are washing your hair try massaging it with the fingertips, so you will stimulate blood circulation and oxygenation of the hair.
Brush properly. Change your classic brush by one with natural fibers.
Do not abuse the hair dryer. When you dry your hair, do it from afar, the heat weakens the fibers and therefore, the hair grows with less force.
Sleep well and minimum 8 hours. Hair grows faster if you sleep the recommended hours.
Do not use elastics to tie your hair.

A healthy and long hair is one of the most important attractions of women. To keep it healthy, we must use homemade products such as honey or oil in the massages that we perform. These will provide strengthening, moisturization and hydration.

Along with this, taking care of food is crucial. Having a diet rich in fruits and vegetables should be a constant if you want your hair to grow healthy.

Tricks to grow hair:

There are many myths in this subject. According to the health professionals, nothing really helps the hair grow quickly, neither the full moon, neither the crescent, nor the waning, nor any magical product. However, it never hurts to apply some tricks that will help the growth to be faster, not dramatically but it will help.

Key facts in hair loss:

Hormonal changes can directly affect growth or hair loss.
Hair grows faster in hot climates or in summer than in cold climates or winter.
Monthly the hair grows between 1 or 2 centimeters per month.
Stress affects hormones and they affect the growth or fall of it.
Healthy hair grows normally; one dry or damaged much slower.

Natural tricks for hair to grow fast:

Cutting your hair on a full moon night can make your hair grow twice as fast.
Beer yeast. It comes in tablets and quite cheap. It promotes the growth of hair and nails.
Essential oils. Rosemary is ideal for strengthening and for hair growth. You must add five drops of rosemary essential oil to your usual shampoo.
Apply olive oil weekly for 15 minutes and then wash it normally.
Prepare a mask with a bit of aloe vera pulp and liquefied tomatoes. Place it on the scalp, massaging and letting it act for a few minutes a day.
Cut the ends of the hair every 3 months.
Brush it every night before going to sleep.
Grind contraceptive pills of any brand or type and throw them into your usual shampoo.

On the other hand, according to experts, hair growth in each person is genetically programmed, but there are environmental factors that can affect this growth, such as those mentioned above.

If the hair definitely does not grow at the time you want, I advise you to use hair extensions. They will alleviate your need immediately.

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