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Tricks for a clean and tidy home

Surely more than once someone has come to your home and has given you a tremendous shame to have everything messy for lack of time. Surely you also postpone a number of times due to lack of time or gain some necessary tasks to have a clean and tidy home … No problem, in Tambo we want to help you do that again, with the minimum effort:

1-Time the tasks.

One of the main causes of disorder in the home is the time it takes to do them and that is why we suggest you take less time to do them. First you have to time what it takes to do certain tasks, then take advantage of the “dead times” and do them. For example, if you know that it takes 15 minutes to clean the bathroom, you can take advantage of the 15 minutes it takes for the pasta you are going to eat to boil …

2-Create your own cleaning plan.

Planning things so you do not have to think about doing them is a perfect way to save time and make things easier. Thus, as if it were a student apartment, we can assign certain days to certain tasks, according to the time we have and do them on a routine basis.

We would like to say here that if we combine our “Cleaning Plan” with the timed tasks they can be combined very well and create even more efficient tasks.

3-Cleaning is everyone’s task.

Although this rule must have more to do with equality in the home or the education of the little ones, it also helps to have everything neater and tidier in less time. Involves the whole family in cleaning tasks, explaining that among all of them, cleaning will take less time and you will have more leisure time as a family.

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