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Top 3 of vegetables in summer

Let it be summer and do not fancy stews, it is not an excuse to stop eating such an important food as legumes. It is true that they do not want hot meals, but it is also true that they are INDISPENSABLES in our diet. Do you want to know the properties of the three most consumed legumes in Spain and how to eat them during the summer season? Here we go:


Lentils no longer support the saying if you want to eat them and not leave them, they are essential in any diet. They contain a very large intake of carbohydrates (perfect for athletes) and also iron (for people with anemia or children in the growth phase). In addition, they help reduce high blood pressure and give an extra vitamin B1, B3, B6.

In summer, we recommend eating them in salad together with tomatoes, as a cold cream adding some spices and even as hamburgers (a very widespread form between the vegan and vegetarian community).

Broad beans

The bean is a super food for summer, as it provides a large amount of water, carbohydrates and proteins. They are derivative, anti rheumatic and diuretic thanks to their high content of phosphorus and potassium. It is even said to have aphrodisiac effects so it is a food that you can not stop consuming in summer.

Good ways to eat them in summer are in the form of gazpacho, sautéed with other vegetables or sautéed with rice and chopped garlic.


Finally, chickpeas are rich in starch, lipids, proteins and oleic and linoleic acids. In addition, they have no cholesterol and provide many fibers.

To eat them in summer, we recommend you to do it in salad like lentils or hummus, a paste of Arabian chickpeas very widespread in our country and that cold is a nutritious and delicious food.

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