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How to Grow Hair Quickly

The methods to grow hair more quickly can be complicated to implement, especially if what you want is a natural process. I realized that after making a significant cut on my hair (I was wearing it at the waist and cut over the shoulders), and I felt terrible. I liked the cut but soon I began to want to wear it again. Making hair grow quickly naturally is not that difficult if you know how to follow the methods. Next I will show you nine natural remedies to make hair grow faster and even more abundant than it was before.

Frequently trim your hair
Although it may sound a bit contradictory that you have to cut your hair when you want it to grow longer in an accelerated way, what you have to cut is the tips. Hair can not grow if the tips are open. This happens when we smooth and dry the hair regularly, so you have to cut the ends regularly to promote growth.

Massages with oils on the scalp
Ask your partner or a good friend to massage your scalp. This is one of the safest methods to accelerate hair growth. Simply get a good hair oil and apply it: you will soon see your hair grow thicker, softer and longer.

Egg whites
Many people believe that this method to accelerate hair growth does not work, but egg whites contain vitamins that benefit the hair. Cut a few eggs, remove the yolks, mix the egg whites and apply them to the hair. Immediately after the hair will begin to feel healthier and stronger to grow faster because as we all know the egg is also a source rich in proteins considered one of the essential foods for your body.

Drink water
Water is good for everything, and hair is a simple natural method to make it grow faster.

Brush the hair
You have to brush, but not excessively. It’s not about imitating Marcia Brady and her long brushing sessions every night. Brushing the hair once or twice in the morning and once or twice at night stimulates the hair follicles and with it the growth.

Do not use dryer
I used to always use a dryer after straightening my hair, so I know how frustrating this method can be. But if you manage to reduce the use of the dryer while the hair grows, you will surely see the benefits of a healthier hair with fewer split ends. I have limited the use of the dryer to four times a week (it’s still quite a lot!) And I’m seeing the benefits.

Protein foods
Did you know that your diet influences how quickly your hair grows? If you start to consume more protein in your diet, you will see the results on your hair. The foods you should consume include fish, eggs and different types of meat.

Treatments with conditioners
For hair to grow in abundance it is necessary that both this and the scalp are healthy. Getting a treatment with a good conditioner once a week really helps. Every time I get one of these treatments my hair feels like silk.
Putting these simple tips into practice will make the task of growing hair much easier. I, who do not wear my hair very long now, try to get the best out of these methods to take it long again.

Potato water
Your hair can become dry and brittle if your body lacks vitamins, among which vitamin B is the most effective with regard to hair growth. So be sure to maintain good levels of vitamin B and you will see the difference. Here you can find more remedies to grow hair in 7 days from your home and without expensive treatments. Do not forget that the trick for healthy hair is in a good diet and give love to your hair daily.

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