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Health Care Tips for children and babies during the spring

“Spring, blood alters”, and that of the little ones, even more. To a greater or lesser extent, this saying that we have all heard has a lot of truth. Sometimes this season causes us nervousness, while in others it produces the famous spring asthenia (feeling of weakness and decay). If it happens to us, adults and in full physical faculties, the effects multiply in our babies and young children, because they are still more sensitive to certain changes.

Therefore, we want to give you some tips to take care of your baby or small children to enjoy this wonderful time to the fullest:

-The hygiene must multiply in these dates.

It is time that pathogens begin to multiply faster, so doing a thorough cleaning at least once a week is very important.

-Control the feared allergies.

Maybe you do not know yet, but your child may be allergic to pollen or to certain plants that bloom in the spring and it is necessary to have a thorough control over it.

-The hydration must be taken into account.

Due to the arrival of heat and other factors, there is a higher risk of dehydration and therefore a higher fluid intake is recommended (especially natural waters and juices).

-Care with the insects in this era.

Mosquitoes and other insects proliferate in this season. A good measure is to use an anti-mosquito plug in the room to avoid stings. A measure which can also be used until after summer.

-Although it’s not summer, sunscreen is important.

In the sunny days that are so common these days we can get to burn without realizing it, because even the heat is not as suffocating as it can be in summer. Undoubtedly, the most effective is to prevent and apply sunscreen before going for a walk or spend a day in the field.

-The feeding also has to be taken into account in the spring.

The good and fresh foods that spring offers us will fill our children with vitamins in a delicious way, because foods like vegetables, fruits, fish and vegetables are at their best. Vitamins are vital for growth, as is the intake of a greater amount of calories due to the increase in physical exercise and spending them on these dates.

Seasonal fruits such as strawberries, cherry or apples; vegetables such as lettuce, artichoke or asparagus and fish such as hake or cod are ideal for the diet that the little ones need in this season.

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