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Do you want a more active and healthy life? Here are 10 Tips

The way we live is significantly linked to the health and well-being we have, so having good daily habits plays an indispensable role. The end of the year is approaching and we begin to think about all those things that we want for the new year and the diet that we will begin in January after all the Christmas meals, that is why we want to leave you these 10 refreshing and easy tips that will help your day with a positive attitude and a better quality of life.

Tip No 1

According to studies, the aroma that comes from the skin of the orange or its essential oil can help improve your mood, increase alertness, and reduce stress levels. You can apply a little orange oil on the wrists to have the same effect.

Tip No 2

Whether you have trouble sleeping or not, the aroma of lavender will work like aromatherapy and you will sleep more deeply and peacefully.

Tip No 3

You have to know what to eat and how to do it. Instead of stuffing yourself with food in front of your computer screen or TV, find the ideal time to eat more leisurely and quietly. Focus on what you are eating to tame the bad habit of overeating.

Tip No 4

Flossing your teeth will improve the health of your gums, the freshness of breathing, and the general hygiene of your mouth. I bet you’ve heard it a hundred times, but if you have not tried it yet, maybe it’s the best time to start incorporating this habit. Did you know that it also helps prevent heart disease?

Tip No 5

We spend a lot of the day in front of the computer screen, which can cause a tension in the view, especially if you do it for long periods of time, that is why it is important to apply the 20/20/20 rule, which says that we should Take a 20-second break every 20 minutes.

Tip No 6

The daily hustle and bustle can drain our energy and leave us without time for ourselves. But when you find in meditation the ideal time to dedicate yourself, you will not want to return to the life of before. The best thing is that it only requires 10 minutes of your time a day, and in return you will notice the difference.

Tip No 7

Having a sedentary lifestyle is not healthy for your bones and muscles, no matter how old you are, nor do you have to be an experienced yogi to stretch your limbs every day.

Tip No 8

If your office is very withdrawn and you can not reach it on foot, you can create a reason to use your legs a little more than usual. Get off the bus or subway a few stops before and enjoy a bit of morning walk, because apart from receiving a bit of fresh air, you will find physical and psychological benefits that will make you start the day in a positive way.

Tip No 9

Herbal teas are beneficial for health and are related to energy, sleep and digestion. Choose the flavor that you like and drink it instead of coffee every morning.

Tip No 10

If you have spent a whole day looking at the computer screen at work, do your body a favor and disconnect for a while, especially before going to sleep.


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