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Diets To Lose Weight Fast


Preferably skimmed (milk, yogurt and fresh cheese 0%). If you drink vegetable drinks, choose those enriched in calcium.


All vegetables are recommended. Includes so much in the food as in the dinner like main dish, from the leaves for salad, tomato, cucumber.
All fruits are also recommended, including bananas! The ideal is to take 2 or 3 servings every day. You can take it for dessert or between hours. They are an ideal snack.


This group of foods is what we use energy, as if it were our gasoline. We must take it so that the body can perform its functions, but we must control the amount so that the body can also take advantage of the energy reserves (accumulated fat) and lose weight.
The indicative amount that must be added in the meal and the dinner is the measure of a fist.
Rice, pasta, couscous, bread, preferably whole, legumes (lentils, chickpeas or beans) and potatoes.


Eggs: 3-4 eggs a week.
Meats: Preferably white (chicken or turkey) and one, maximum twice of red meat (beef)
Recommended sausages: turkey breast, chicken or cooked ham.
Fish: Increases its consumption to the detriment of meat. Try to take at least 3 times a week
Seafood: you can also incorporate it into your recipes as white fish. Clams, cockles, squid, cuttlefish, prawns

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