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5 Tips to take care of your heart

The heart is the motor of our body and often the least we care. We must keep our heart as healthy as possible, we have the age we have to be able to enjoy life to the fullest. Caring for the heart could almost be summarized as a healthy and …

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Types of meat and its characteristics

Meat is undoubtedly one of the dishes most appreciated by the human being. Although all types of meat have a similar protein composition, they differ in the quality of the fat (the more saturated this fat, the less healthy it will be). In general, meat is a very good source …

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Tips to get a dream garden in spring

Any time of the year is perfect to take care of your garden, but during the month of May, in the middle of spring, it is perhaps the moment in which we all want to enjoy a garden full of colors and life in which to sit down to have …

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5 Gluten free ice creams to enjoy this summer

At this point of the summer, you have already started taking ice cream to refresh yourself, but if you are a celiac, it may cost you a bit more to find this delicious gluten-free summer dessert. Stop looking! We have the five best homemade ice cream recipes suitable for coeliacs …

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3 habits to take care of our health every day.

On, April 7, World Health Day is celebrated all over the world (taking advantage of the creation date of the World Health Organization) and we can see hundreds of information campaigns in the media and also in social networks , activities and events throughout the world to raise awareness among …

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Treatment to Reduce Fat in Your Legs

  Undoubtedly, losing this part of the body is usually very difficult, more than the abdomen. It is the fat that accumulates in the legs and buttocks and it is not eliminated so simply. It is fixed and it seems that it does not want to “leave”. Unless you take …

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