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9 Useful tips to overcome the January stress

January is the month of the sales and of the good intentions, but it is also the month of the return to the routine after the economic expenses of Christmas. That’s why we thought you’d be interested in knowing these useful tips that will help you not to notice the already famous January slope:

1. Prepare recipes with food that you have left over from the holidays. Surely in your freezer there are still some prawns or some cheeses in the fridge. There are a thousand and one recipes for these foods that will not remind you of the heavy Christmas meals. Get ready to prepare them, you will save and enjoy new delicious recipes.

2. Check your electricity and gas contract. Find out about the plans that your company can offer you and choose the one that best suits your way of life. Do not be too lazy to call and inform yourself you will notice at the end of the month.

3. If you dye, do it at home. If you have already chosen your color, you do not have to go back to the hairdresser to have it applied.

4. Take the food to the office. With our selection of prepared salads you will save, eat healthy and forget to waste time preparing tippers the day before.

5. Try walking to most places you have to go. Go out with time from home and enjoy a good walk, exercise and save on gas, parking meters and public transport.

6. Buy seasonal products. In www.supertambo.es we have the largest selection of fresh seasonal products at the best price. Your health and your pocket will thank you.

7. Eat at home on weekends. We love eating out, but maybe during this month of January we have to think about it more. Do not worry, in Tambo we have delicious, easy and inexpensive recipes that you can prepare to enjoy with family and friends. With our #Recetas you will succeed for sure!

8. Write down the expenses and plan. To be able to save first you have to know where the money is going. Plan expenses to avoid unnecessary purchases.

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