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5 Foods to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

1. Avocados

Avocados are full of healthy fats and are perfect as an ingredient in salads.

They are especially rich in Monounsaturated oleic acid, the same type of fat found in olive oil.

In addition, they also contain a lot of water, so their energy density is not as high, and are rich in other important nutrients such as fiber and potassium.

But that is not all:

According to one study, people who consume avocado feel more satiated and have less desire to eat in the next five hours.

2. Whole eggs 

Eggs are one of the best foods you can consume if you want to lose weight. A study of 30 overweight women revealed that eating eggs at breakfast, instead of donuts, increases the feeling of satisfaction and causes a reduction in food consumption during the next 36 hours (3).

 Eggs are rich in protein, healthy fats and cause a sensation of being satiated with a small amount of calories. They contain an incredible density of nutrients, most of them in the yolk, and can help you get all the nutrients you need if you have a restricted calorie diet.

3. Beans and legumes 

 Some beans and legumes, such as black beans, red beans and lentils, can be really beneficial for weight loss. 

These foods are usually rich in protein and fiber, two nutrients that cause satiety and, therefore, reduce appetite. 


There are many people who do not tolerate pulses, so it is important to cook them properly. 

4. Salmon 

 Salmon is rich in healthy fats and high quality protein and contains all important types of nutrients.

 It is a food that satisfies the appetite and keeps you satisfied for many hours with few calories, so it can help you lose weight. Salmon is also rich in omega 3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammation, an important factor for obesity and metabolic diseases 

5. Cruciferous vegetables 

Cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower are cruciferous vegetables. 

Like other vegetables, cruciferous vegetables are rich in fiber and tend to be incredibly satisfying to the appetite. In addition, these types of vegetables also contain considerable amounts of protein.

What does this mean? Thanks to its combination of fiber, protein and low energy density, cruciferous vegetables are the perfect foods if you are trying to lose weight. At the same time, they are very nutritious and contain anticancer substances.

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