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3 habits to take care of our health every day.

On, April 7, World Health Day is celebrated all over the world (taking advantage of the creation date of the World Health Organization) and we can see hundreds of information campaigns in the media and also in social networks , activities and events throughout the world to raise awareness among the population of what to take care of should not be an option, but an obligation because our health will thank them over the years.

It is no wonder when we observe data such as the fact that in the last 30 years there have been four times more cases of diabetes in the world or that 70% of the population leads a sedentary life. Therefore in our commitment to take care of your health and make your life a little happier we propose you 3 habits to perform in your daily life to improve your health from today, because the fight against the clock to take care of our life and has started:

Sleeping as necessary is vital:

Getting enough sleep is one of the most important factors to have a healthy body and life. The lack of sleep causes our body to fatigue sooner than necessary, weakening the immune system and favoring the onset of diseases and infections. Undoubtedly, the best defense for our body is to sleep soundly about 8-9 hours a day (with a little nap yes it is possible although we want to remove it as we have seen in the news the last days hehe).

Tune up your body with daily exercise:

Without a doubt, physical activity is the source of youth. Exercise is good at all levels, it helps to lose weight, accelerates metabolism, helps you sleep better, produces endorphins that make you feel happy and much more. We want here to say that physical activity is sometimes confused with high-impact physical activity and is something that we must eliminate from our mind. Everyone must do sports adapting to their physical characteristics and their lifestyle. There is nothing to do running for two hours a day if our body does not allow it, because a walk in family, enjoy a bike ride with a partner or play football with our children in the park is also sport, and of course, Health.

Food is the fuel that keeps us healthy:

It is hard to say but, for all intents and purposes, food is what keeps us alive, and depending on how it is, that is how our health will be. Starting from the basis of what eating healthy is eating everything but not abusing (so bad is eating junk food daily as obsessing with a strict diet), we must eat foods that provide benefits such as fruits, cereals or vegetables. It is also advisable to reduce the consumption of saturated fats and processed foods, although it is not harmful to eat them on rare occasions. In short, the ideal is to take a diet based on healthy products and give us a whim when we ask him to body, without giving up anything, but not without abusing anything.

Without further ado, and with these little tips, from Tambo we want to encourage you to take into account since today what your health is the most important, and what is the time to start taking care of it properly, because a healthy life is, to all the levels, a happier life.

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