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10 Most Common Hair Problems And Their Solutions

Genetics, metabolism, hormonal changes or temperature: maintaining a healthy hair seems a titanic task. Fortunately this is a thing of the past because we bring you the best solutions for your hair, without needing to spend a fortune in the room. Are you ready?

The problem: Orzuela

The solution: Also known as split ends, it is usually caused by lack of care, or by some treatment that has been too aggressive with the hair. Although there is no treatment capable of putting the ends of your hair back together, you can opt for a solution that conceals the orzuela: before sleeping, mash half an avocado and apply it on the tips for half an hour; Rinse with warm water, apply a last layer of olive oil and rinse well the next day. Do not forget that the best thing to do is break your hair once a month.

The problem: Oily hair

The solution: There are hundreds of reasons why your hair can fall into this category: hormonal changes, poor diet, genetics, etc. We recommend using a special shampoo for oily hair and conditioner only at the tips. It is also important that when you wash your hair you do it with the tips of your fingers, not with your nails! Or else you could stimulate the production of fat.

The problem: Very thin hair

The solution: It is very important that you check your diet before anything else. The lack of proteins and vitamins are the main causes to weaken our hair (and cause the fall). If you can simply attribute it to your genes, the key is a good cut with internal layers to give more volume to your hairstyle. The bob could be your best ally!

The problem: Frizz

The solution: To give a smoother look to your mane, when you dry your hair do not rub it with the towel but squeeze it. Also choose an ultra moisturizing conditioner or a special treatment that fulfills this function and when you cook it with the iron, try to raise the temperature so that you have to spend it a few times on your hair (eye, never wet or wet).

The problem: Dry hair

The solution: If on the contrary, your hair produces little bait, your best option will be to massage the scalp 3 times a week for 10 minutes with almond oil or jojoba. Also brush your hair regularly so that its natural oil reaches the tips. In a short time you will see the results!

The problem: premature grays

The solution: Associated with stress and genetic factors, these small gray hairs can be easily concealed with semi-permanent dyes, highlights to give an ultra-edgy touch to your look or permanent color, only if the gray hairs have begun to cover almost all of your hair. hair. The big dont’s to deal with this: tear them out and choose very radical colors in your hair.

The problem: rebellious Chinese

The solution: Use specialized products for your natural Chinese. When you apply the conditioner let it sit for a long time and rinse with warm water. Opt for a comb with thick bristles to brush your hair and apply a good cream to keep them moist all day. The best options are those that contain silicone bases and that keep the natural moisture of your curls sealed. Perfect also for hot climates!

The problem: A color you hate

The solution: If your worst nightmare came true when you left the room, do not panic. If the color was too dark, make sure you wait for it to dry and 24 hours later wash your hair with your normal shampoo and add a teaspoon of baking soda. If it was too light for your taste, choose to paint small tufts of caramel color to rekindle it. Still not the color you want? Time to call your stylist to schedule an ASAP appointment!

The problem: A cut you hate

The solution: The picture looked perfect, but the reality was different when you saw yourself in the mirror. Here also applies the ‘do not panic’, which means that the big dont’s are: paint it or make an even more radical cut – worse if you do it yourself! Try to tell your stylist that you are not happy to fix it or, take advantage of the full range of accessories for your hair: headbands, hair bands with funny prints, brooches, etc. You could also put things in perspective, this may be the change of look that gives you a new personality.

The problem: Dandruff

The solution: An unbalanced diet, a bad metabolism, a hormonal imbalance or an infection can be the factors for the appearance of it.

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